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The meaning of color Monday May 5 @ 07:13am
A Shack Somewhere in the Woods!: Colo(u)r theory: culturally sensitive spelling edition! 1-contrasts


I’ve been trying to figure out what makes certain colo(u)rs work so well recently, and I figured I might share my findings as I stumble upon them!

Starting off, before we even get to palettes themselves, I feel like we should talk about how we use the colo(u)rs in the actual work they are being…

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Johannes Itten and his chart for teaching color theory at the Bauhaus Weimar: Farbenkugel in 7 Lichtstufen und 12 Tönen / Colour Sphere in 7 Light Stages and 12 Tones, 1921. Photo Paula Stockmar, Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

Johannes Itten was one of the main pedagogical forces behind the Bauhaus and taught a foundation course in craft through the study of color and form. He originally trained as an elementary teacher before moving on to painting and color theory. During his studies of education and psychoanalyses, Itten began forming his unique theories on the creative spirit and how best to nurture it. A particular influence was Friedrich Frobel, “the inventor of Kindergarten”, whose pioneering ideas included young children’s desire for creative expression and the natural tendency to learn through play. At the time, this was considered groundbreaking pedagogy.

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Colour Maker
Josh Thomas from Baltimore, USA has created tool that could be legitimately used by artists. All of the colour swatches within this design accurately display Pantone and CMYK colour codes and balances. The attention to detail upon the wheel is striking and the subtle blending is pretty jaw dropping.
View more of Josh’s work here.

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Malcolm Liepke

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Hermann Mejía

Tuesday May 5 @ 08:48am


When I discovered Jenny Saville, born in 1970 in England, it was love at first sight.Her brush strokes mesmerized me, her ability and desire to translate flesh, amazed me.
She is associated with the Young British Artists which Damien Hirst and Marc Quinn are part of. I find that group of people to be fantastic, such determination, it’s incredible.

When I started painting I painted small, I loved miniatures and for me that was the best. However seeing Jenny Saville works (sadly not in real life) the size struck me, I realized that sometimes you must go big, and sometimes you must go eve bigger.
Her colours are great, she works with subtle variations that create forms but there is still a contrast. He brushstrokes sometimes seem like a mess, going everywhere, contradicting the form but they work together, some shapes emerge forward, while others stay in the foreground.

As a person she seems smart, strong but approachable. The interview I posted a month ago is great, hearing her talk about how abstraction and figurative painting work together is very interesting.

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